Book Now - Solo Skydive 3 Jump package

All the professional Instruction and equipment required to get you started on your Skydive journey.
This is the first 3 jumps of a 9 jump course and will get you well on the way to your Skydive career

Average Duration: 3 Days

About Hedlow Airfield Akubra Downs Station

Hedlow Airfield is part of the Akubra Downs Station on Old Byefield Rd approximately half way between Rockhampton and Yeppoon.
Please check the website for google maps links.

221 Old Byefield Rd,
Mulara, QLD 4703

Dress Code

You will be provided a jumpsuit for your Skydive, please wear comfortable clothing for underneath a jumpsuit such as Shorts and a T shirt or similar. A pair of runners and socks is perfect footwear, please no hiking boots.

Concession Information

COVID 19 Precautions : You will be required to answer a number of standard questions in relation to the COVID 19 pandemic.
By making a booking you are confirming that you currently have no signs of illness and have not been in contact with anyone showing signs off illness.
If on the day you show any signs of illness you will not be allowed to jump and may forfeit your deposit, please let us know as early as possible if you have any concerns.
Your instructors are required to wear full face helmets as a company policy to protect our customers and staff.
You, your instructors and our other staff will all be required to use hand sanitiser and other precautions at every oportunity.

Spectator Information

Spectators are welcome however this is an active airfield and safety is important, please ensure all spectators are introduced to our staff on arrival and no pets allowed.

Weather Information

Dealing with the weather is all part of your skydive journey, as a student skydiver you will have more restrictions than experienced skydivers so delays due weather do happen.
There is always something to learn on the ground and getting to know your fellow skydivers is part of the fun.!

Other Information

Please take the time to view this video that outlines in detail the content of the course that you will complete.
By attending the course you have committed to the course of training only, you will have a number of written and practical exams that must be completed prior to your Skydive

This is not a small undertaking..!
You will be jumping wearing your own parachute and will need to demonstrate to us that you are able to recognise and deal with a range of potential problems.
This is an incredibly rewarding experience but does require a certain amount of commitment.
If required repeat jumps are offered at a discount rate but are not included in the price of the course.
If it's just a quick but amazing taste of freefall you are after we recommend sticking with the Tandem Skydive.
You can always continue with the course at a later date.

Please note that this experience requires a minimum of 1 seats to run (seats do not always equate to tickets).

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